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Learn how to Better Edit & Enhance Your Images!

Take a look at the demo video below

for the best viewing experience- click on the word "YouTube" at the video bottom after clicking the play button !

To the right is a short sample video of the type of approach and edits you can expect in the videos and course below. Joe's Editing Style is to not only fix the obvious problems, but how you can enhance and shape the image with color, composition and light. 

There are lot's of videos where you can learn just the tools, Joe teaches you how to visualize a better photograph!

New Course Collections!

Groupings of the individual courses listed below at great savings!

1. Advanced Lightroom Collection II - $30

Includes Individual Courses 3-1 and 3-2 shown below (Lightroom Local Retouching Advanced and Lightroom Landscape Advanced 3). 16 videos running 2 1/2 hours. This Collection delves deeper into local tools and concepts to re-focus the viewer to the subject.

2. Bird & Wildlife Edits with LR & PS • $40

This new Collection includes courses 5-1 and 5-2 and takes you through the specific needs of editing and enhancing both Bird and Wildlife Photography. Includes Bonus B&W Conversion videos!

13 videos running over 3 hours

3. Level 4 Advanced Course Collection • $60

This comprehensive collection includes courses 4-3, 4-4 and 4-5. Topics include color workflow and color profiles, sky and cloud replacements, and advanced tool and light techniques on both Landscapes and Portraits. 23 videos running almost 6 hours.

4. Master 8 Collection • $80  -  Save $100 

This comprehensive collection includes courses 1-1 thru 3-2.

70 individual videos covering a wide range of demonstrations running 12 hours total.

5. Master 13 Collection • $150 -  Save Up to $165!

Includes all current Courses listed below! - 106 total videos running over 21 hours!

Individual Course Listings
Individual Courses are $20 each, except for 4-4 which is $30
1-1 Lightroom Intro-Basics with Landscape Edits

70 Minutes running time. Included Videos:

1. Intro to Lightroom and Photoshop

2. Getting Organized

3. Importing Images

4. Mesa Arch Demo - Basic Tonal adjustments and Spot Removal

5. Grand Teton High Contrast Edit - Intro to the Brush, Tone Curves and More

6. Eastern Point Light - Local Color Temperature adjustments and Cropping

7. Antelope Slot Canyon edit - Intro to Local Editing Tools

8. Bosque del Apache - Guiding the Viewer into your Image with Light

1-2 Lightroom Portrait 1

85 Minutes running time. Included Videos:

1. Portrait Editing - Global Edits and the Basic Tab - an Intro Approach to the Portrait

2. Global Edits Part II - a Tour through the develop module panels and their effects

3. Introduction to Lightroom Local Edits - Blemish Removal and Light shaping

4. Lightroom Local Edits II - Mastering the Adjustment Brush

5. Visualizing the Final Image - Shaping your Raw Capture into the Final Piece

6. Removing Distractions and Adding Enhancements - Cleaning Up a Beach Shoot

7. Local Color & Brightness Adjustments - Shaping Color and Light on a Beach Portrait

8. B&W and Sepia Edits - Options for Toning and Shaping Portraits

9. Adding Color to an Image - Color Enhancements and Color reflections

10. Plug-Ins - An Intro to using third party plug-ins

11. Lightroom Portrait Editing Summary - The Process and Workflow 

1-3 Lightroom Landscape 2

80 Minutes running time. Included Videos: 

1. Introduction with Basic Landscape Edit - Includes both Global and Local edits

2. Custom Camera Profiles - How You can Streamline perfect Color in your images

3. Basic Edit 2 - Analyzing the Image for appropriate edits, sharpening tactics

4. Basic-Intermediate Edit - Schwabacher Landing Sunrise 

5. Perspective and Lens Corrections - Fixing Wide-Angle Lens Distortions

6. Panoramas - Editing and Combining images for Panoramic Stitching

7. Advanced Edit 1 - Major Image Changes - North Window in Arches National Park

8. Advanced Edit into Photoshop - Edits that Require Going into Photoshop

2-1 Photoshop Basics & Portrait 1 & 2

112 Minutes running time. Included Videos: 

1. Adobe Camera Raw Basics - How to make the most of your Raw Images

2. Intro to Selections, Layers and Masks

3. Basic edits and Adjustment Layers

4. Basic Retouching and Skin Smoothing

5. Enhancing eyes

6. Light Shaping and Adding a Soft Glow to Portraits

7. Body Reshaping

8. Perspective and Area Fills - Adding to the Canvas and Adding Background

9. Complete Portrait Edit 1 - Light, Body Shaping, Color, Composition and More

10. Green Screen Composite - Adding a new background to a green screen shot

11. Removing Glare from Glasses

12. Adding Tattoos

13. Adding Textures - an introduction to Displacement Maps

2-2 Photoshop Landscape 1

117 Minutes running time. Included Videos: 

1. Landscape Selections, Layers and Masks

2. Intro with Adobe Camera Raw - How much should you do in ACR?

3. Full Basic Edit 1 - Layers, Masking, Color, Compression and More

4. Landscape Perspective and Spot Fix - Sharpening, Retouching, Color Adjustments

5. Removing Objects and Adding Clouds

6. Perspective Fixes and Moving Objects

7. Panoramic Stitching and Edits - More Options in Photoshop

8. B&W Conversions - Including Silver Efex Pro

2-3 Photoshop Landscape Advanced 2

98 Minutes running time. Included Videos:

1. Grand Teton Landscape - Image Compressions, Plug-Ins, Blending Modes

2. Puffin Edit - Cropping, Selections, Background and Foreground Isolation

3. Stirling Castle - Content Aware Scaling, Advanced Masking

4. Olympic National Park, Lake Crescent Sunset - L*a*b* Mode, Luminosity Masks

5. Dead Horse Point - Advanced Edit from Lightroom to Photoshop, Part 1

6. Dead Horse Point - Advanced Edit from Lightroom to Photoshop, Part 2

7. Doolin Peninsula - Advanced Edit from Lightroom to Photoshop

3-1 Lightroom Local Retouching Advanced - Portrait & Landscape

69 Minutes running time. Included Videos:

1. Understanding and Mastering the Graduated Filters

2. Spot removal and the Adjustment Brush - Agathla Peak

3. Agathla Peak Edit - Part 2

4. Kendra Lo-Key Toning - B&W Portrait Conversion and Adding a Toning

5. Kendra On-Camera Flash - Overcoming Harsh Lighting

6. Jasmine Outdoors - Skin smoothing, eye highlights and darkening the background

7. Kristen Indoor - Analyzing what a Portrait Needs, color, skin lightening, and more

8. Newspaper Rock Petroglyph - Bringing out details in low-contrast images

3-2 Lightroom Landscape Advanced 3

73 Minutes running time. Included Videos:

1. Astrophotography-Milky Way Demo - Adjustments to night skies

2. Using the ColorChecker Passport in the Field - Getting the Best Color Possible

3. Mesa Arch edit - Color, Composition, and Shaping a Landscape Image

4. Fisher Towers - Local color fixes, distortion adjustments and cropping

5. Bull Moose Youngsters - Eliminating the unnecessary, giving impact to an image

6. Seastack Sunburst - Adjusting an extremely high-contrast landscape

7. 2nd Beach Sunset - Adjusting, cropping and colorizing an image

8. The Watchman - High contrast adjustments, selective color fixes

4-3 Advanced Color & Skies

These videos are in-depth demonstrations of advanced techniques. 88 Min. Running time


Included Videos:

1. Creating and Using Color Profiles in Lightroom with Grand Teton Demo

2. Color Profiles in Photoshop with Schwabacher Landing Demo

3. Heron Color edit from LR into PS and back

4. Adding a New Sky with reflection in water - Mt. Moran

5. Advanced image edit with new sky - Telluride Autumn Lake

4-4 Advanced Edits - Lightroom to Photoshop and Back

147 Minutes running time. Included Videos:

1. LR Linear Gradient Tool Usage

2. Lightroom Brush use into Nik Viveza

3. Removing Skin Glare in Lightroom

4. Removing Skin Glare, Burn & Dodge in Photoshop

5. Outdoor Portrait Edit - Kendra

6. Washington Crossing Pano Stitch and edit

7. Arches Pillars from Lightroom to Photoshop

8. Cape Henry Lighthouse edit and composition

9. New Sky - Courthouse Towers

10. Double Content Aware Scale

11. Content Aware Scale into Viveza

12. Advanced Wildlife Edit - Bull Elk Yellowstone

Kendra After.jpg
4-5 Composition and Light Shaping with Lightroom and Photoshop - part 1
Cape Cod 10-201910-2019-04734-Edit.jpg

121 Minutes running time. In-depth and detailed edits. Included Videos:

1. Doonagore Castle edit

2. Lone Seagull in Flight

3. Nesting Egret - clouds added

4. Red Mountain Panoramic edit

5. Nauset Light Sunny Day reflection

6. Rainy Weather at Nauset Light

5-1 Edits and Enhancements for Bird Photography with Lightroom and Photoshop
untitled shoot-1569-Edit.jpg

102 Minutes running Time. In-depth and detailed edits. Included Videos:

1. Backyard Chickadee

2. Atlantic Puffin

3. Tri-Colored Egret

4. Yellowstone Raven

5. Downy Woodpecker

6. Wood Stork

7. Sunset at Bosque Del Apache

5-2 Edits and Enhancements for Wildlife Photography with Lightroom and Photoshop
untitled shoot-1130194-Edit-2.jpg

82 Minutes running Time. In-depth and detailed edits. Included Videos:

1. Yellowstone Bison

2. Uinta Ground Squirrel

3. Bison Landscape - Color and Composition

4. Heilan Coo

5. Hunting Coyote

6. Solitary Elk - Lightroom to Photoshop to Nik and back

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