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Here's links to some of our favorite gear from the pages of the FotoFriday Newsletter!
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TENS & EMS Stimulator

What a great device for sore feet, legs & back! The 12 modes and 20 Intensity levels penetrate your muscles and tissue, relieving pain and soreness and release tension!

After just a 20-minute session with the Massage Therapy Concepts TENS & EMS Unit, you’ll feel results almost instantly! Add the slippers for a great electronic foot massage.

Here's the link for the device          Here's a link for the slippers

DJI Osmo Pocket 4K Gimbal Video Recorder

Besides the quality and performance, the size is what makes this so fantastic! Since you can fit it into your pocket, it's always available for a quick video. Sure, today's phones can record good video and stills, but this one is gimbal-stabilized so you can move it or walk around with it an still get beautiful, smooth video. The audio is pretty darn good too!

DJI Osmo Pocket  

Amazon Basics Travel Organizers

Our favorite new way to pack for our hotel stays! Diane and I each have our own colors (they are available in around 6 different choices) and we pack a night or two of clothes is one bag along with some basic toiletries. It makes finding what you plan on wearing so much easier. These bags come in sets of four but you can get all one size or combinations of small, medium and large. We've found the medium bags to be the most useful.

Amazon Basic Travel Organizer    

Joe's Favorite Travel White Noise Generator

I've traveled all over with this device over the past few months and find it so valuable in helping me get to sleep. Be it masking street noise or adding some gentle noise to an otherwise completely quiet room, it keeps going all night - in fact I've run it for two nights in a row without recharging.

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Machine for Travel

RockDove Slippers

I've always searched for slippers that were both comfortable and utilitarian. I wanted something that was easy to slip on, was cushioned and warm (but not too warm!) and yet something that had soles suitable for running out to fill the bird feeders or get something from the car.

Once I found these RockDove Slippers, my search was over! They fit well, have a gel-cushioned base, have fun colors and have a sole that does double duty by letting you run around outside with them - I'm sold!

My wife tried mine on to get something from the backyard and now she wants a pair - guess that's another order.  Here's the links:

Men's RockDove Slippers    •    Women's RockDove Slippers

re-fuel Powerbiner

This is a really big carabiner with the added benefit of containing a 3000mAh battery inside. Great for charging your phone (2X) or powering your phone or camera for video or time-lapse shots where you need more battery life.

A fun bit of gear that will start living on my camera backpack.

Here's a link to the powerbiner for less than $40