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Wingspan 12x50 Monocular


This is the first monocular we have brought into the house and we were blown away by both the quality and price. This is ideal for bird watching or wildlife or for any time you want a closer look. We also purchased a generic iPhone holder to be able to take pictures with it.

wasn't;t expecting much based on the price, but the sharpness, brightness and quality along with the ease of use of the single-hand focusing makes this a fun bit of gear!

Here's the link for the Wingspan Monocular




Foldable & Adjustable Tablet Stand


A great companion for the folding keyboards, or actually for anyone who likes to watch their phone or tablet when traveling, is this nicely done folding support. It's easy to position for FaceTime and Zoom calls, is heavy enough (machined aluminum base) to allow you to touch the screen without having it move, and small enough folded so that it travels well.

You can adjust both the angle and the height and the bottom support hooks don't block any of the screen. At this price, this one is a no-brainer.

Here's the link for the Anozer Tablet Stand 

Monocular in hand.jpg
Andozer tablet stand.jpg

Amazon Echo Show 5 and 8


OK, I admit that I am addicted to the whole Amazon Echo/Alexa thing! I’m actually embarrassed to say that we have so many of these things in the house, that sometimes the one in the kitchen answers when I ask the living room Dot to turn on the lights. One big wish is for Amazon to offer some more names to activate these devices - at least more than the three currently available (Alexa, Echo and Computer).


That said, I just couldn’t stop myself from ordering the new Echo Show - basically and Echo unit with either a 5.5”, 8” or 10” screen. This means all of my Amazon Prime videos can be show along with Hulu (not Netflix at this point) and also YouTube Videos (which means you can watch my videos on it!) It also acts as a phone, plays music from most streaming service and can also act as an intercom with video. For those of you concerned with security, all of the Echo Shows have a switch on the case to turn off the mic/camera and built-in shutter along with the ability to delete your voice recordings. 

I was originally going to go for the Echo Show 5, which has a 5.5” screen, but for just $20 more at only $79.99, you get bigger speakers and an 8” screen. Stop and think that for $80, you are basically getting a portable smart-TV filled with your online videos along with all the rest of the Amazon Alexa functionality!

Here's the link for the Echo Show 8                     Here's the link for the Echo Show 5


Samsung T5 Portable SSD Drives


I've talked about these drives before, but the prices are coming down and if you don't have one yet, it might just be time! These tiny drives are solid state with no moving parts, so that means they can both take a beating and they are incredibly fast when writing and reading date. I bought my 500GB drive a year or so ago for $149 - no they are $89. The drive is also available in 1and 2GB capacities.


Diane just got a new MacBook Air, so I got her one of these as a stocking stuffer (don't tell her!) If you get one, be sure to get a case for it as it can get lost in your bag. I've included my favorite case below - enjoy!

Here's the link for the Samsung T5 Drives                     Here's the link for my Favorite T5 Case

Andoer Tripod Leveling Base

The perfect add-on for anyone using either a Gimbal Head or Panoramic Head on a standard tripod. No more adjusting legs to get everything level! Just add this piece in between your tripod column top and your tripod head and a single lever allows you to level in most any direction. Make the necessary movement until your tripod head shows level, tighten it up and you're ready to shoot!

Here's the link for the DY-60N Leveling Head  

Andoer DY-60N Leveling Head.png

Power Strip 6" Extension Cords

You've got all these device with power blocks and just a couple take up all the space on your power strip. I've already bought a second package as my wife ran into the same problem with all of her power adapters taking up the outlet strip and blocking half of the outlets. Add this pack of extensions and get back all of your outlets! They are three-prong and well made.

Here's the link for the 5-pack Extension Cord Set 

Power Cord extensions.png

Joe's Favorite Folding Travel Bag

I've used this bag for over a year now and it still looks brand new! It folds down to a tiny size for on the way to a trip, and opens up to carry all the extra stuff I bought while traveling - an awesome travel accessory!

Here's the link for the Granite Folding Travel Bags

Granite Gear Basalt 24.jpg

TENS & EMS Stimulator

What a great device for sore feet, legs & back! The 12 modes and 20 Intensity levels penetrate your muscles and tissue, relieving pain and soreness and release tension!

After just a 20-minute session with the Massage Therapy Concepts TENS & EMS Unit, you’ll feel results almost instantly! Add the slippers for a great electronic foot massage.

Here's the link for the device          Here's a link for the slippers

TENS-EMS Unit.jpg
Massage Slippers.jpg

Amazon Basics Travel Organizers

Our favorite new way to pack for our hotel stays! Diane and I each have our own colors (they are available in around 6 different choices) and we pack a night or two of clothes is one bag along with some basic toiletries. It makes finding what you plan on wearing so much easier. These bags come in sets of four but you can get all one size or combinations of small, medium and large. We've found the medium bags to be the most useful.

Amazon Basic Travel Organizer    

Bags_0271 copy.jpg

Joe's Favorite Travel White Noise Generator

I've traveled all over with this device over the past few months and find it so valuable in helping me get to sleep. Be it masking street noise or adding some gentle noise to an otherwise completely quiet room, it keeps going all night - in fact I've run it for two nights in a row without recharging.

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Machine for Travel

Sound Machine.jpg

RockDove Slippers

I've always searched for slippers that were both comfortable and utilitarian. I wanted something that was easy to slip on, was cushioned and warm (but not too warm!) and yet something that had soles suitable for running out to fill the bird feeders or get something from the car.

Once I found these RockDove Slippers, my search was over! They fit well, have a gel-cushioned base, have fun colors and have a sole that does double duty by letting you run around outside with them - I'm sold!

My wife tried mine on to get something from the backyard and now she wants a pair - guess that's another order.  Here's the links:

Men's RockDove Slippers    •    Women's RockDove Slippers

RockDove Slippers.jpg