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Here's links to some of our favorite gear from the pages of the FotoFriday Newsletter!

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

I have talked about the ColorChecker Passport for many years, and it has recently been updated and re-branded as it is now being managed by Calibrite, a partnership between X-Rite and Calibrite for the photo, video and content-creator markets. The new ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 includes the 24 patch ColorChecker Target, the white balance adjustment target and both grey balance and white balance targets.

I don’t go anywhere without my ColorChecker Passport in my camera bag and really look forward to using it in both Switzerland and Ireland. The free software download allows you to create custom color profiles for your cameras, using either Lightroom Classic or Adobe Camera Raw. Just a couple of clicks, and you image color jumps to a perfect starting point for your edits!

To make the explanation easier, I recently posted a how-to video on using the ColorChecker. Here’s the link:

If you want one, I have stock in house and can get one to you quickly as long as you order by May 31st! $119 plus $12 for tax and shipping and it will be on its way to you!


MindShift Camera Bags


Joe and Diane's Favorite Camera Bags for Travel!

Order a Mindshift Bag using the Link Below & get a Free Gift - that you get to choose!


Here on my Last Photo Workshop, I once again have all of my camera gear in my 13 liter Mindshift PhotoCross Bag. I have my two Fuji bodies (X-T4 and X-T30) along with four lenses, memory cards, battery chargers, my Osmo Pocket for Video and my 13" MacBook Air. This bag never leaves my side and can fit in any airplane overhead compartment - even the small ones. Diane uses the 10 liter bag as she carries less photo gear with her.

Use this link to visit the Mindshift page

If you order with this link, you get to choose a free accessory to go along with the bag including memory card holders and camera rain covers. Click on the link to see all of the Mindshift bag options!


Camera & Phone Hoods for Shooting Thru Windows!

Ultimate Lens Hood


We have two big trips planned for Switzerland, and they both feature traveling around the country by train. Unfortunately, since the windows don't usually open, you have to take pictures through the glass windows.

If you have ever tried to shoot through a window with your camera, it can be almost impossible to do so without getting reflections all over the place. What you need to overcome this problem is a way to stop those reflections from hitting your lens.

Guess what - there's a solution, and it's only $24!

These rubber lens hoods go right up against the window, and their flexibility lets you change your camera angle up, down, left, right. An elegant and simple solution!

Here's a link on Amazon for the Ultimate Lens Hood

Phone Lens Hood


For those of you who are after the same capability, but with your phone, I can recommend the anti-reflection hood shown here. The cell phone lens hood eliminates window reflections, which helps you get a clearer image.  $29.99


another benefit of this system is that it has a 49mm thread in front of the phone lens that allows you to add filters, such as a Circular Polarizer. The included filter clip makes the hood with wide compatibility and is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhone 15 14 13 Pro Max, iPhone 15 14 13 Pro, iPhone 15 14 13, iPhone 14 13 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, other iPhone series, Samsung Galaxy s10, Samsung Galaxy s20, Samsung Galaxy s21, Samsung s21 ultra, note 20 ultras, and Oneplus series.

Here's the Phone Hood Link on Amazon

FotoFriday Cool Gear

Three Legged Thing Multitool Carabiner

Hex tool, coin key screwdriver and bottle opener

Macro Photography Extension Tubes

M43 Extensions tube set - 10 mm and 16mm

Sony Extension Tube set

Nikon Extension Tube set

Canon Extension Tube set

Fujifilm Extension Tube set

Joe's Favorite Three Legged Thing L-brackets

These L-Brackets are custom made for each camera body, allowing access to battery and card compartments as well as access to cable and charging ports


Ollie for OM Systems OM-1

Roxie for Canon R5 & R6

Sony Extension Tubes.jpeg
Ollie bracket.jpeg
Roxie for R5 and R6.jpeg

Andoer Tripod Leveling Base

The perfect add-on for anyone using either a Gimbal Head or Panoramic Head on a standard tripod. No more adjusting legs to get everything level! Just add this piece in between your tripod column top and your tripod head and a single lever allows you to level in most any direction. Make the necessary movement until your tripod head shows level, tighten it up and you're ready to shoot!

Here's the link for the DY-60N Leveling Head  

Andoer DY-60N Leveling Head.png

Joe's Favorite Folding Travel Bag

I've used this bag for over three years now and it still looks brand new! It folds down to a tiny size for on the way to a trip, and opens up to carry all the extra stuff I bought while traveling - an awesome travel accessory!

Here's the link for the Granite Folding Travel Bags

Granite Gear Red.jpg
Granite Gear Basalt 24.jpg
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