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FotoFriday Gear

Here's links to some of our favorite gear from the pages of the FotoFriday Newsletter!
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Clicking on the links listed will take you directly to the manufacturer or the appropriate page - enjoy!

Beautiful Mechanical Pencil

I love writing with a pencil on paper! There is something about the action of forming the letters and the feel of a fine pen or pencil gliding across the paper. To make this a comfortable activity, you need to have a writing tool that feels comfortable in your hand and one that has enough heft that you fingers don't get tired holding it.

My latest favorite pencil is the Retro 51 Take a look! 

Use this link to visit the Amazon page

Tornado Pencil.jpeg

Rocketbook Erasable Notebooks

These reusable notebooks allow you to write your thoughts and then convert them to text and transfer it to email, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. You just scan the QR code on the bottom of the page, save your notes to the app, and it converts your handwriting to text and sends it on its way. When you are sure you’re done and have sent it off, you can erase any pages you no longer need with a microfiber cloth.

Here's the link for the Rocketbooks

MindShift Camera Bags


Joe and Diane's Favorite Camera Bags for Travel!

Order a Mindshift Bag using the Link Below & get a Free Gift - that you get to choose!


Here on my Last Photo Workshop, I once again have all of my camera gear in my 13 liter Mindshift PhotoCross Bag. I have my two Fuji bodies (X-T4 and X-T30) along with four lenses, memory cards, battery chargers, my Osmo Pocket for Video and my 13" MacBook Air. This bag never leaves my side and can fit in any airplane overhead compartment - even the small ones. Diane uses the 10 liter bag as she carries less photo gear with her.

Use this link to visit the Mindshift page

If you order with this link, you get to choose a free accessory to go along with the bag including memory card holders and camera rain covers. Click on the link to see all of the Mindshift bag options!


Umbrella Clamp for Tripods


As someone who is not averse to shooting in a bit of rain, I am always looking for an easier way to keep my camera and lens dry. Last time out, I had to resort to my raincoat while holding my umbrella over the tripod, or even worse, while shooting with one hand. I had ordered two solutions, but they arrived the day after I left. As they have finally arrived, I tried them out on my tripod and both solutions are really cool!

The first is simply a two-sided clamp. One side attaches to the tripod column, the other holds onto an umbrella. I used a medium-sized inexpensive umbrella from Ikea and it was the perfect weight and size. Both sides of the clamp held tight and the middle adjustment knob allows you to rotate the umbrella angle separately from the tripod.


Sport Umbrella for Tripods

At first, the umbrella seems oddly shaped, but when mounted, it perfectly covers everything you need. I could see using this at the beach by simply clamping the umbrella to the handle of a rolling cooler. The support arm of the umbrella allows you to adjust the angle both at the bottom and mid-way up the shaft so you can angle the umbrella for the setting sun - or rain coming down at an angle.

Both of these accessories are great for keeping your gear dry in light rain or for shielding it from direct sunlight - both great times to put them to use.

Here's the link for the Umbrella Clamp                     Here's the link for the Tripod Sport Umbrella

Hoosion Tripod Umbrella Holder.jpg
Versa Brella.jpg

Andoer Tripod Leveling Base

The perfect add-on for anyone using either a Gimbal Head or Panoramic Head on a standard tripod. No more adjusting legs to get everything level! Just add this piece in between your tripod column top and your tripod head and a single lever allows you to level in most any direction. Make the necessary movement until your tripod head shows level, tighten it up and you're ready to shoot!

Here's the link for the DY-60N Leveling Head  

Andoer DY-60N Leveling Head.png

Power Strip 6" Extension Cords

You've got all these device with power blocks and just a couple take up all the space on your power strip. I've already bought a second package as my wife ran into the same problem with all of her power adapters taking up the outlet strip and blocking half of the outlets. Add this pack of extensions and get back all of your outlets! They are three-prong and well made.

Here's the link for the 5-pack Extension Cord Set 

Power Cord extensions.png

Joe's Favorite Folding Travel Bag

I've used this bag for over a year now and it still looks brand new! It folds down to a tiny size for on the way to a trip, and opens up to carry all the extra stuff I bought while traveling - an awesome travel accessory!

Here's the link for the Granite Folding Travel Bags

Granite Gear Red.jpg
Granite Gear Basalt 24.jpg

TENS & EMS Stimulator

What a great device for sore feet, legs & back! The 12 modes and 20 Intensity levels penetrate your muscles and tissue, relieving pain and soreness and release tension!

After just a 20-minute session with the Massage Therapy Concepts TENS & EMS Unit, you’ll feel results almost instantly! Add the slippers for a great electronic foot massage.

Here's the link for the device          Here's a link for the slippers

TENS-EMS Unit.jpg
Massage Slippers.jpg

Amazon Basics Travel Organizers

Our favorite new way to pack for our hotel stays! Diane and I each have our own colors (they are available in around 6 different choices) and we pack a night or two of clothes is one bag along with some basic toiletries. It makes finding what you plan on wearing so much easier. These bags come in sets of four but you can get all one size or combinations of small, medium and large. We've found the medium bags to be the most useful.

Amazon Basic Travel Organizer    

Bags_0271 copy.jpg

Joe's Favorite Travel White Noise Generator

I've traveled all over with this device over the past few months and find it so valuable in helping me get to sleep. Be it masking street noise or adding some gentle noise to an otherwise completely quiet room, it keeps going all night - in fact I've run it for two nights in a row without recharging.

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Machine for Travel

Sound Machine.jpg
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