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Joe's Favorite Tripod - the X-Go Max is no longer available :-(

But here's the good news!

We are announcing a successor to the X-Go Max Tripod Kit, the Sherpa Summit. This tripod has higher quality carbon fiber legs, an even better collar system, and a two part center column that allows you to put the tripod right down to the ground.
There's more, and Joe has recorded an intro video for this updated tripod system!

Fotopro Sherpa Summit
The Ultimate Travel Tripod!
Lightweight, strong and sturdy, Pro-Level Ball Head

For the past 7 or 8 years (I can't remember exactly) I have been traveling with a Fotopro X-Go Max Tripod and my trusty E-6H Gimbal Head as my camera support kit. Sadly, I was recently advised that the X-Go Max has reached the end of the line and that meant I had to choose a replacement that I could recommend to you.

Fortunately, a new option has arrived and I'm very happy with it!


Technically, this "new" tripod is one that I have had for about a year, and I loved the tripod legs, but really disliked the supplied ball head. Fortunately, the latest kit update for the Sherpa Summit Tripod now includes a first-class ball head, so that is what I am introducing you to today.


In a nutshell, it is light (3.85 pounds), folds up to a small size (just 20") and supports more weight (up to 26.4 pounds) than you will ever find yourself carrying around. For those who don't like center-column tripods because they can't usually go low enough, the center column of the Sherpa Summit separates into two pieces, so if you remove the bottom piece, the tripod can practically sit right above the ground. There's more, so watch the intro video for all the details!

Get your Sherpa Summit Kit for just $249 - save $100!

Shipping in the Continental US is just $14. Email for other locations!

Sherpa Summit Full_edited.png
Sherpa Summit no camera_edited.png
Sherpa Summit Folded_edited.png

Fotopro E6-H Gimbal Head
A Great Gimbal Head that Does amazing Panoramic Stitches - Fits on virtually any tripod with a standard mount!

If you've never used a Gimbal head, it's difficult to put in words how useful they are for Landscape, Astro, Nature and Sports photography. Simply mount your camera/lens combination to the head, adjust the position and tension and point the camera wherever you like without having to touch and knobs - you're instantly ready for the shot! 

The E6-H is a new entry into the Gimbal Head arena and I've tested it a lot over the past two months. It's lightweight yet strong and ideal for traveling. it can hold the largest lenses you've got audit's a breeze to use.

To make it easier to understand, I've done a video showing the head in use but once you use one of these, I promise you will love it.


The kit includes a removable L-Bracket for mounting under the camera, a swing arm for quickly adjusting the position of large camera-lens combinations and a long, Arca-Swiss style mounting plate.

Get your E-6H Tripod Gimbal Head for just $399 - save $150!

E-6H Complete.jpg
E-6H shown with removable lower bracket and swing arm
E-6H Gimbal Head
E6-H Gimbal head.jpg

The Professional Tripod for Larger Camera Systems!

Fotopro Eagle E7 Tripod

The Ultimate Outdoor Tripod for All Conditions!

I have used the Fotopro Eagle E-6L (shown at the bottom of this page) along side my X-Go Max and for those times when I need the ultimate in flexibility for wildlife and landscape photography - particularly on uneven ground when I'm adjusting position frequently. In these situations the leveling bowl and gimbal head combination is hard to beat.

I just got my hands on the new Eagle E7 tripod and have been shooting with it outdoors for the past couple of weeks, I must say that I find absolutely no faults with this high-end system. The new, sturdier legs, the adjustments on the gimbal head and the tripod height combined with weather and waterproof legs joints truly make this a tripod you can take and use anywhere.


If I'm doing a lot of long hikes and every pound counts, I might still grab my X-Go Max first, but at 6.25 pounds including the Gimbal Head, the new E7 is still very comfortable to carry around. This is a true, professional level tripod that can be your for $1079.

Watch the Introduction Video!




If you are after the best gear possible, the professional level E7 is now the tripod of choice. The E7 is now available to ship and has a retail price of $1349,

but use Code JBFRIDAY (all caps!) at Checkout and save $270! 

Fotopro E7 Tripod and Head.png
Fotopro E7 Tripod and Head.png
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