The pandemic has really affected gear coming from China. Fotopro is reassessing how they plan on continuing business in the United States and inventory remains low. We are not expecting to see any shipments until July 2021, but we hope things improve - we still feel that the X-Go Max is the best travel tripod available and that the unique abilities of the E-6H Gimbal head are unmatched . We are accepting orders  and hope to have inventory in the warehouse available to us by the middle of July.

Amazing New Tripod!

Fotopro Eagle E7 Tripod

The Ultimate Outdoor Tripod for All Conditions!

I have used the Fotopro Eagle E-6L (shown at the bottom of this page) along side my X-Go Max and for those times when I need the ultimate in flexibility for wildlife and landscape photography - particularly on uneven ground when I'm adjusting position frequently. In these situations the leveling bowl and gimbal head combination is hard to beat.

I just got my hands on the new Eagle E7 tripod and have been shooting with it outdoors for the past couple of weeks, I must say that I find absolutely no faults with this high-end system. The new, sturdier legs, the adjustments on the gimbal head and the tripod height combined with weather and waterproof legs joints truly make this a tripod you can take and use anywhere.


If I'm doing a lot of long hikes and every pound counts, I might still grab my X-Go Max first, but at 6.25 pounds including the Gimbal Head, the new E7 is still very comfortable to carry around.

Watch the Introduction Video!




If you are after the best gear possible, the professional level E7 is now the tripod of choice. The E7 is now available to ship and has a retail price of $1199. 

Fotopro X-Go Max

Voted "Best Overall Travel Tripod Value" by Outdoor Photography - and it's Joe's Favorite too!

I've used a lot of tripods and I have several favorites depending on the job at hand. For all of my travels, the Fotopto X-Go Max is my go-to tripod. It's simply the best bang for the buck I've found and it's a really well made piece of gear.

The included ball head works very well and when I want more flexibility, I switch it out for the new E6-H Gimbal Head. You can of course put any head you might already own on top of this great tripod!

I did a video on this tripod - here's the link:


X-Go Max/E-6H Gimbal Combo

The X-Go Max combined with the E-6H Gimbal Head provides a complete camera support system for getting the best results in both landscape and wildlife photography. The three pieces include the X-Go Max Carbon Fiber Tripod, the FPH-62Q Ball head and the E-6H Gimbal Head along with cases for the tripod kit and Gimbal head.


This is the traveling kit that Joe has used ever since the E-6H Gimbal head arrived and has performed perfectly out in the field under practically any weather conditions. 


Save $119 on the combo - click on the "Button" to see the price! 

If you already have a tripod you love and would like to be able to use it with a Gimbal Head, the E-6H Head is available by itself below.

X-Go Max-E6H Combo

Fotopro E6-H Gimbal Head

Fits on virtually any tripod with a standard mount!

If you've never used a Gimbal head, it's difficult to put in words how useful they are for Landscape, Astro, Nature and Sports photography. Simply mount your camera/lens combination to the head, adjust the position and tension and point the camera wherever you like without having to touch and knobs - you're instantly ready for the shot! 

The E6-H is a new entry into the Gimbal Head arena and I've tested it a lot over the past two months. It's lightweight yet strong and ideal for traveling. it can hold the largest lenses you've got audit's a breeze to use.

To make it easier to understand, I've done a video showing the head in use but once you use (click on the video link under the "Buy Now" button) one of these, I promise you will love it.


The kit includes a removable L-Bracket for mounting under the camera, a swing arm for quickly adjusting the position of large camera-lens combinations and a long, Arca-Swiss style mounting plate.

E-6H Complete.jpg
E-6H shown with removable lower bracket and swing arm
E-6H Gimbal Head

AK-64 Twist-Lock Monopod

The AK-64 Monopod is a unique bit of gear that is ideal for wildlife, bird and sports photographers. You get added stability and complete freedom of movement while keeping the weight of your camera/lens combination off of your neck and hands.

What separates it from other monopods is its ability to adjust height without adjusting any leg collars! Just give the entire tripod a twist and you can adjust to any height immediately. Twist back to lock in place and it even supports my full body weight when I lean on it. I ordered mine after using it the first time! Click on the "Buy Now" button to check out the special pricing too!


Watch the video to see the system in use out in the field.

For some added usefulness, the tripod legs on the bottom separate to become a table-top tripod! The bottom of the system has a rubber covered foot with a spike underneath. This also includes a carry case for the system.


The monopod has a reversible 3/8" - 1/4" stud on top so you can mount any quick release or ball head you choose.

AK-64 Monopod

FotoPro Eagle tripods

The Fotopro Eagle E-6 Series of Tripods are for those who want an elite experience outdoors when photographing nature and landscapes. These tripods feature 1K Carbon Fiber legs (the best available!) with waterproof, sandproof and dustproof joints so that they continue to perform in any environment. If you want to shoot while standing in streams or surf, you need these tripods!

The E-6H Gimbal head is integral to the tripod and rather than using a center column, a leveling base allows simple and quick leveling when out in the field on uneven terrain without the need to adjust the legs.

There are two models - the Eagle E-6 and E-6L which have the same specs except for height, 55" and 63" respectively. Here's a link to the full specifications on Fotopro's website along with videos I did for these tripods.

Eagle 6 - $860 (retail $1099) •  Eagle 6L - $899 (retail $1149)

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