I've collected some of my favorite photo gear - all items that I can offer special pricing for you!

Fotopro X-Go Max

I've used a lot of tripods and I have several favorites depending on the job at hand. For all of my travels, the Fotopto X-Go Max is my go-to tripod. It's simply the best bang for the buck I've found and it's a really well made piece of gear.

The included ball head works very well and when I want more flexibility, I switch it out for the new E6-H Gimbal Head.

I did a video on this tripod - here's the link:

The retail price is $269, but I can offer you a special price - click on the order button to see an amazing price for this tripod kit!

X-Go Max/E-6H Gimbal Combo

The X-Go Max combined with the E-6H Gimbal Head provides a complete camera support system for getting the best results in both landscape and wildlife photography. The three pieces include the X-Go Max Carbon Fiber Tripod, the FPH-62Q Ball head and the E-6H Gimbal Head along with cases for the tripod kit and Gimbal head.


This is the traveling kit that Joe has used ever since the E-6H Gimbal head arrived and has performed perfectly out in the field under practically any weather conditions. Normally $718 - for now, just $599! 

If you already have a tripod you love and would like to be able to use it with a Gimbal Head, the E-6H Head is available by itself below.

Fotopro E6-H Gimbal Head

If you've never used a Gimbal head, it's difficult to put in words how useful they are for Landscape, Astro, Nature and Sports photography. Simply mount your camera/lens combination to the head, adjust the position and tension and point the camera wherever you like without having to touch and knobs - you're instantly ready for the shot! 

The E6-H is a new entry into the Gimbal Head arena and I've tested it a lot over the past two months. It's lightweight yet strong and ideal for traveling. it can hold the largest lenses you've got audit's a breeze to use.

To make it easier to understand, I've done a video showing the head in use but once you use (click on the video link under the "Buy Now" button) one of these, I promise you will love it.


The kit includes an L-Bracket for mounting under the camera. Retail price is $449 - the buy button offers an even better price!

FotoPro ArtPoD

The Artpod is a unique bit of gear for those who appreciate amazing design and utility in a small package. While it is designed for use with classic cameras, such as the Leica M series, the Fuji X series and the Sony A series I've put my full size Sony a7RIII with a 70-200mm lines on it just to see what happened - and it held it just fine!


The ball head is very strong and easy to use and the legs spread out completely flat for great stability when shooting low. This is a great tabletop or field tripod for getting a very stable and unique point of view.

Was $129 - now just $89!

FotoPro Eagle tripods

The Fotopro Eagle series of Tripods are for those who want an elite experience outdoors when photographing nature and landscapes. These tripods feature 1K Carbon Fiber legs (the best available!) with waterproof, sandproof and dustproof joints so that they continue to perform in any environment.

The E-6H Gimbal head is integral to the tripod and rather than using a center column, a leveling base allows simple and quick leveling when out in the field on uneven terrain without the need to adjust the legs.

There are two models - the Eagle E-6 and E-6L which have the same specs except for height, 55" and 63" respectively. Here's a link to the full specifications on Fotopro's website along with videos I did for these tripods.


Eagle 6 - $950  Eagle 6L - $975

E-6 Tripod

FotoPro UFOPod2 Plus

The Fotopro UFOPod Plus 2 is a great bit of utility gear for a small camera, smartphone or GoPro-like camera. Unlike the "other POD", the smooth legs are easy to wrap around practically any branch, fence, or tripod leg and then easily be straightened once again. I use mine for videos, location selfies and as a tabletop tripod. It includes a small ballhead along with both camera (even the current big ones!) and GoPro mounts. In addition, it includes a Bluetooth remote that lets you fire and start and stop recordings!

Here's a link for a video I did on both this and the X-Pod. You can advance to 3:04 into the video to get straight to the UFOPod. If you are interested in the X-Pod ($45) after watching the video, send me an email!

All for just $20!

Free with any Tripod or Gimbal Head Purchase until December 15th, 2019!

UFOPodPlus 2