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NiSi M75 Filter Kit

The perfect solution for APS-C and Micro 4/3 Camera Systems - for Lenses with filter thread from 39mm to 72mm. Save 10% with Code JOEB10 at checkout!

Kits Starting at Just $299 - before discount!


If you like to play with long exposures, the NiSi M75 75mm Starter Kit with Pro C-PL is a great  starter kit for landscape and seascape photographers. Think of it a a smaller, more economical version of the V6 System shown below!

The NiSi M75 75mm Starter Kit with Pro C-PL includes the M75 holder which allows for the use of up to two, 75mm-wide (2mm-thick) filters along with an included NiSi Circular Polarizer Filter.  It features superb built quality, Aluminum design and Left to right pressed clips rather than traditional top and bottom design.  


It is very smooth to insert and remove filters.  The holder is compatible with 75x80mm or 75x100mm filters from NiSi and brands that feature 2mm thick filters.  The holder and rotates 360 degrees and features a lock to lock the rotation.  With the unique rotation wheel design, the CPL filter can be rotated via a cog on the back of the filter which no longer has to set the CPL filter before inserting the other filters.


Adapter rings (from are available for $9.99 each. Just let us know which thread sizes you want for your lenses and we will add them to your order.
Here's the list:
39mm, 40.5mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 60mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm


NiSi Premium Glass Filter System

I've become completely enamored with this filter system and now travel everywhere with it! These are a premium set of filters and holders from this Australia-based company and while I made due with middle-of-the-pack filters in the past, I've had my eyes opened by how good these are - particular the new Enhanced Landscape Circular Polarizers. I captured the shot at right with this filter!

The company's focus is on their Square filter holder systems - something necessary for using graduated ND filters, but their ingenious mounting system allows these to be combined and/or mounted with the circular polarizer.


Standard screw-on filters are also available and I do have one that I use (an 82mm filter with various adapter rings for all my lenses) but once you spend a little time with the V6 System Square Holder and Circular Polarizer System, I'm sure you will be hooked! I'll be adding more options as I get time to test out all the filters, but I've included here an initial sampling of what I'm using and can therefore highly recommend.

NiSi Close Up Lens Kit 77mm with 67 and 72mm adapter

Get up to 1:1 Macro Maginification @ 200mm!

This just might be the easiest way to get professional macro-photography results without having to invest in a dedicated macro lens. The NiSi 77mm (and its little brother, the 58mm) simply screw onto your lenses front filter thread and instantly transform it with great macro capabilities.


On a full frame camera, a 70-200mm lens gives you up to 1:1 macro magnification with a quality indistinguishable from a dedicated lens. The ideal working distance for the subject is between 8-12". This allows you to get close while having enoung space to add reflectors or lights on your subject. The nano-coated glass optics provide clean color with minimal chromatic aberrations on both sharp and bokeh objects. Just $139 before discounts!

77mm Close-Up Lens.jpg


Close Up Lens Kit 58mm

(with 49 and 52mm adapters)

Just like its big brother above, the 58mm Lens kit is designed for lenses with 58mm filter thread and smaller. Working distance is between 3 1/2 and 9 " and 1:1: magnification is achieved at a focal length of 120mm.

Just $79 before discounts!

Close-Up Lens Case.jpg


NiSi 100x100mm Natural Night Filter

Helps to Eliminate Light Pollution for Night and Astrophotography

The Natural Night Filter is perfect for night scenes and astrophotography as it blocks wavelengths from common sources of light pollution. By eliminating the glow from common night time lights including sodium and mercury vapor lights and street lights, your camera can better see through to the night sky.


The top of the image at right shows an example of how useful this filter can be!


$195 before Coupon Code Discounts

Enhanced Landscape Circular Polarizer Filters - Joe's Favorite Landscape Filter!

The NiSi Ti Enhanced CPL Circular Polarizer Filterhelps to reduce reflections and glare.  They feature an ultra-thin ring made from titanium. 


The light from the sun naturally becomes partially polarized due to reflecting off electrons in air molecules, causing the light to scatter into what appears as haze.  A polarizing filter arranges, and filters, this directionally polarized light perpendicularly to the reflected light, allowing for the absorption of much of this light.  This results in a noticeable reduction of glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces and an increase in the saturation of skies and foliage.  


The Ti Enhanced CPL Circular Polarizer Filter (Titanium Frame) has enhanced color compared to a standard CPL which increases the saturation of the scene when used.

Prices listed below are before any Discounts!


NiSi ND1000 10-Stop Circular Filters IR Coated Glass

These 10-stop Neutral Density filters are constructed with high-quality optical glass with a nano coating IR layer to eliminate infrared light and maintain natural color.

Starting at just $60 - Before the Discount!



NiSi Circular Natural Night Filters

Helps to Eliminate Light Pollution for Night and Astrophotography

These are circular versions of the 100mm Square Filter listed above. If you are interested in night or astrophotography, these filters eliminate an amazing amount of light pollution and allow your camera to cut through the glare and produce beautiful night environments and skies!

Starting at $110 - Before 10% Discount with  JOE10 Code at Checkout!


NiSi V6 100mm Filter Holder System

If you haven't used a square filter holder system before, they offer some advantages over traditional round filters. For me the answer is to actually have both available.

Square filter systems allow you to buy just one of each filter since they are larger than all of your lenses. By using an adapter ring for the filter holder, you then have individual filters you can use on practically every lens you have. While square filters are generally a bit more expensive than their circular counterparts, since you only need one, they end up being less of an investment.

Another advantage is that since they are larger than your lens openings, you never have to worry about vignettes - something common with circular filters that are either too thick or cause vignetting when two filters are stacked. On a Square System like the NiSi V6 100mm holder, you can have up to three filters mounted at one time PLUS a circular polarizer and they all work beautifully together.

All that said, there are times when simply keeping a circular filter on your lens at all timespan be handy. I do keep a couple of circular polarizers around so that I can switch cameras and/or lenses quickly when I'm out taking landscape shots.

Whichever your preference, I have become a true fan of these filters and plan on using them for all of my filter needs for some time to come!

NiSi V6 100mm Filter Holder

with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Lens Cap

This is the piece that started it all for me! A couple of days with this filter holder and the new Enhanced Landscape CPL filter out in Moab and I was hooked! The kit includes the basics along with the filter holder that allows you to add up to three 100mm square filters.

It is made from aviation-grade aluminum with single element processing by CNC machine. This V6 kit comes complete with an ultra-slim 86mm Enhanced Landscape CPL and 4 adapter ring for most popular wide angle lenses (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm). The matte black frosted finish on the surface to minimize reflection. With the unique rotation wheel design, the CPL filter can be rotated independently via a cog on the back of the filter holder.  Also included are a Soft Pouch and V6 Lens cap.

This system has great built quality, aluminum design and supports 3 x 100mm filters with a circular polarizing filter in any combination.  The V6 has no vignetting at 16mm on a full frame. Everything in the kit is pictured below!


$229 before Coupon Code Discounts

If you're ready to dive in to a first-class premium filter system, take a look at the more inclusive kits below.

Get 10% Off - Use JOE10 @ Checkout!

NiSi 100mm Starter Kit Third Generation III with V6

with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Lens Cap

The NiSi 100mm Starter Kit Third Generation III with V6 and Pro CPL is a great value starter kit for landscape and seascape photographers with everything you need to get started.  It’s perfect for anyone who wants to create long exposure images and use ND filters & GND filters with multiple lenses up to 82mm with a standard filter thread.  The kit includes the most popular adaptor rings (67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm) with others sold separately. The NiSi 100mm Starter Kit Third Generation III with V6 and Pro CPL saves you $79 compared to buying all the included items separately.

$499 before Coupon Code Discounts


NiSi 100mm Starter Kit PLUS 

with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Lens Cap

This more comprehensive Kit has all the pieces of the Starter Kit above PLUS a 6-Stop ND and the Reverse GND8 Filter.

$769 before Coupon Code Discounts


NiSi 100mm Professional Kit PLUS Third Generation III V6 

with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Lens Cap

Here's the whole shooting' match when you're ready to take the plunge! Use the FotoFriday Coupon Code for big savings! This kit includes everything above plus it includes 8 filters (3 Stop ND, 6 Stop ND, 10 Stop ND, 15 Stop ND, Medium GND8, Soft GND8, Reverse GND8 and Natural Night). Save 15% off compared to each individual piece.

$1299 before Coupon Code Discounts

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