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Lightroom Classic CC 2020 Image Editing Comprehensive

This new course included 17 step-by-step videos that covers image edits and enhancements from basic to intermediate to advanced. The total running time is just over 3 hours, but each individual video runs from 5 to 22 minutes and takes an image from start to finish.

This Course requires no deep experience with Adobe Lightroom Classic and each video guides you through the tools and thought process to take a Raw file from bland to beautiful.

Just $49 for three hours of Step-by-Step Training!

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An Introduction to Lightroom’s Develop Module Toolset

A Tour through the important tools and basic usage 22:49


Isle of Skye - Mealt Falls Basic Panel Edit

Bringing out a landscape with basic light and color adjustments 5:16


Wormsloe Historic Site Entrance - Mossy Oaks

Basic Light and Color Edit with Crop Tool Options 7:53


Easy to Intermediate


Central Park Portrait Edit with Kaydence

Creating dimension by darkening the background 8:30


Thomas Murphy Grand Teton Barn

Basics, Spot removal, Transform and HSL Panels 8:44


Forsyth Park Fountain at Night

Basics, Transform, Detail, Color Temp, Gradient Usage. 12:04


Hid-Key Portrait Edit - Oakley

Texture adjustments, eye color, reducing red in eyes 8:41


Bryce Canyon Mossy Cave Trail

Color Temperatures, Local Brush Use, Virtual Copies 19:21


Castle Hill Lighthouse

Basic Panorama Construction 8:35


Castle Hill - Nik Viveza Follow-Up

Using Nik’s Viveza 2 Plug-in to add “pop” to images 5:30


Outdoor Portrait Edit to B&W

Light and Brush Adjustments, B&W Conversion 8:41


Intermediate to Advanced


Adding Depth to Wildlife - American Kestral

Global Light and Color, Light Painting 9:47


John Moulton Barn - Grand Teton

Using the Brush Tool, Creating Light Paths 12:27


Zion National Park, The Watchman

Basic Color and Light, The Brush Tool, Oval Gradients 13:17


Bronze Soldier Still Life

Making a black background for product photography 7:01


Outdoor Available Light Portrait with Kendra

Light Painting to shape a portrait 8:29


Park Ave. Panorama , Arches National Park

Panoramic stitching with advanced local brushwork 12:25