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These single day or evening workshops are all conducted in the Hudson Valley of New York, either at Dragonfly Studio in Warwick, NY or at CoLAB in Goshen, NY.

These Courses are designed to provide personal attention to fulfill the needs of photographers as described in each Course listed below.

1. Understanding Digital Photography

Think of this as Digital Photography 101

All local classes are on hold until the Virus Pandemic is Under Control and Group Meetings are once again allowed.

We'll be back with updates as soon as possible!

Whatever Style of photography interests you, you will get better at it when you understand how to make your camera work for you!

Landscapes • Portraits • Family • Nature • Still Life • Product • Wildlife & More

You’ll have more success and fun with photography when you learn how your camera works!

It’s so much fun to take a great photo! It freezes a moment in time and can capture emotion, story and memories all in a single frame. Unfortunately there are times when our camera doesn’t capture what we were hoping for, and often times the moment is lost. When you understand how your camera works and what choices can be made to get the results you’re after, photography once again becomes both fun and rewarding.

Part of the problem is that cameras don’t see the world the way our eyes do. Join us in this three-part series of classes to unlock the mysteries of digital photography and learn how to help your camera to produce the beautiful photos you are after.

DSLR Mirrorless
untitled shoot-1569-Edit.jpg
Truffles focus stack-.jpg

Join professional photographer Joe Brady as he takes you through all of the things you need to know to capture and create beautiful images. When you better understand how your camera works, you can consistently get better results. For many aspiring photographers, the camera is in the way of them getting those great results. Join Joe for these three classes and follow the path to making your camera a partner and friend when making your photos.

There’s a lot to cover, but we’ll break it down into manageable, bite-sized sections. Here’s a breakdown of the topics we’ll cover over the three classes. We will keep things flexible and allow a certain amount of time to venture into the specific needs of the participants.

Come join us and learn how to truly enjoy your camera - Click here to register and save your spot!


2. Off-Camera Flash Portrait Mastery 

Beautiful light anywhere, anytime!

Portrait Lighting Composite Small.jpg

When you master off-camera flash, the quality of your portraits will soar!

Want learn how to create beautiful portraits? This is the place to start!


This is a hands-on portrait Workshop using simple speedlights to create beautiful portraits anywhere. In your own studio, outdoors or at a clients location, mastering off-camera flash is a critical step to controlling and shaping flattering light. When we're done, you will have a good understanding of how easy it can be to create great and consistent results.

When you know how to use lights, you are not at the mercy of the available light and can always create beautiful portraits. All of the portraits above were created by your instructor Joe Brady and he will teach you to make this happen!

We’ll start with some basics, but by the time we are done we’ll cover camera settings, setting up and controlling multiple flash units, light shapers, light meters, posing and many lighting patterns you can put to use right away. 

The beautiful space we have for this event allows us to have multiple simultaneous sets for different types of lighting and bring in models for you to work with. This allows everyone to get plenty of shooting time.Bring your camera and your own flash if you like, but we’ll gear available for everyone to use. Join us in Goshen NY for this Saturday class on April 4, 2020.


Learning to get your flash off-camera to create light for your portraits is the most important step for consistently beautiful results!

Click here to register for this Hands-On Portrait Workshop!

3. Adobe Lightroom from the Beginning! 

Easy and powerful image editing and enhancements done the right way!

Zion Before-After.jpg
Kendra Before.jpg
Kendra After.jpg

You'll be amazed with the ease and power of Lightroom Image Edits

Saturday, April 11th from 9:30am - 2:30pm at CoLAB in Goshen, NY

$89 tuition to learn Lightroom the right way!

Want learn how to create beautiful portraits? This is the place to start!


Adobe Lightroom is a powerful image database and photo editor that often provides all of the tools you need to create beautiful images with their full impact and beauty restored. When you learn how to approach Lightroom the correct way and learn step-by-step the correct workflow, you will love making most of your image edits with this intuitive and powerful application.


Join host Joe Brady as he takes you through Lightroom from the beginning. You’ll start with insuring your image storage and filing is set up correctly as this is a critical part of making everything work smoothly. We’ll then move into the Develop module where all the image adjustments take place. You will be amazed what you can do to adjust an uninteresting, flat photo into an amazing result - just take a look at some of the before-after images here to see some of the possibilities!


To finish up, you’ll learn all about, color, printing and exporting so that you can share your images online and in print. Once you see how to make Lightroom flow, it will be your go-to application for all of your image edits!


When you learn Lightroom from Set-up to Finish, it will become your go-to place to bring back the full beauty of your photographs!

Click here to register for this Great Workshop!

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