Software Training DVDs - Land, Sea and Sky

Do your digital images look different than how your eyes saw them? Are you disappointed with what you see on your camera's LCD?

How frustrating can it be to photograph a beautiful location and discover that your camera simply didn’t capture the scene the way your eyes remember? Scenic views with high contrast light and color temperature variations between shadows and highlights can fool even the best digital camera.

These DVDs  show techniques and enhancements to help you learn how to create an image that reflects the beauty and essence of the place. Follow along with instructor Joe Brady as he shows how to bring out the true beauty in your landscape photography with easy to follow yet comprehensive step-by-step editing demonstrations using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Lightroom 5. Each DVD contains  detailed tutorials that start with Raw file processing and finish with a final image ready for printing. From beginner to advanced Photoshop user, follow along with the included fully-layered demo files so that you can observe (and adjust!) the effects that each edit and layer has on the original file.

These three DVDs all focus on editing and enhancing Landscape Images in software. We currently offer two Sessions with Photoshop and one with Lightroom. For more details on each DVD and to place an order, Click Here!

Lightroom for Landscapes is Now Available for streaming and/or download!

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