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Photo Workshops with Instructor Joe Brady

Master Off-Camera Flash • Portable Studio - April 8-9, 2017

Join us for two days of mastering portraits with off-camera flash and learn how to put together the gear you need for an effective traveling portrait studio. We’ll put basic speedlights to use with a variety of light shapers to create studio-quality portraits in any location. You’ll learn how to add just the right amount of light to open shadows and put a sparkle in the eyes that adds so much life and beauty to every face. Once you master the control of light, the quality of your portraits will soar! If you don’t have time for the entire weekend, you can also join us for just one day - check out the topics listed for each day! The Workshop is limited to 8 participants to ensure personal attention and lots of hands-on shooting.

Just $349 for both days or $195 for a single day - Join us and learn to master off-camera flash once and for all!

Currently Sold Out - email us for waiting list.

Master Off-Camera Flash

Day One

Saturday, April 8th  Portable Studio Tools & Techniques

9:30 am - 4 pm in Warwick, NY • $195 Tuition for one day.

Gear overview and use including Speedlights, Light Meters, Light shapers, Lens selection Portrait Shoot with model Lighting techniques, Fill flash usage, Posing

Day Two

Sunday, April 9th  Portrait Shooting and Processing

9:30 am - 4 pm in Warwick, NY • $195 Tuition for one day.

Headshots Corporate & Business portraits Lighting, posing and organizing Small Groups & Large Groups Lightroom and Photoshop edits and enhancements

Both days are only $349 for a complete weekend! This session is limited to only eight photographers so reserve your spot soon!

Click here for Registration and more details! 

Our Favorite Landscape Place! - Grand Teton Photo Workshop - Oct. 9-13, 2017

Small Group Workshop in a Photographic wonderland - In our opinion, Grand Teton is possibly the most photogenic landscape location you will ever photograph!

$1895 Tuition for Workshop, or $2795 includes 4 nights lodging!

The crowds are gone, the air is turning crisp and the peaks of the majestic Teton Range have a frosting of snow which stands out against the deep blue sky. October is one of the best times to visit the Jackson Hole area and the photographic opportunities are simply amazing! Join instructor Joe Brady in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States, for this five-day guided photography experience.

The Workshop is limited to around six photographers to ensure individual attention and plenty of time to discuss the approach to landscape photography from capture to edit to print. Non-shooting spouses are welcome to tour with us at no extra charge. Joe knows the best locations and where the prime shooting opportunities can be found at all times of the day and under all types of atmospheric conditions. Classroom time will focused on shaping and enhancing the images we capture to bring out the full beauty of each place we visit. We will also have a day in Yellowstone to photograph the beautiful and majestic Yellowstone Falls.

Tuition covers field & classroom instruction for the week. If you choose the lodging upgrade, $2795 covers all instruction and a private room - and yes, that means partners/spouses stay at no extra charge!  Additional hotel nights pre- and post the workshop are also available. Airfare and car rentals are not included. Should you wish to share a ride, we will arrange carpooling during the Workshop.

Click here for more information and to register!  Email or call 914-356-6670 with any questions!

We've finalized arrangements with the Lexington Hotel & Suites in Jackson, WY as our headquarters hotel for both 2017 and 2018. We had such a wonderful experience at this property in 2016 that we booked our rooms for the next two years! This property is ranked Top 10 in Jackson and is just a couple of blocks stroll to the wonderful galleries and restaurants that Jackson's downtown has to offer. We have even reserved all suites for the group! If you choose the lodging option we can add nights before and/or after the end of the Workshop at a great rate.

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