Photo Tours - Land, Sea and Sky

What’s a Photo Tour?!

Photo Tours are vacations filled with beautiful Landscapes and Scenery and are designed for those who share a passion for photography and want a vacation they can share with their spouses or partners.

How Does It Work?

Each day will have time for photography exploration and instruction with two award-winning pros as we travel in our own private coach with an experienced local guide and driver. We’ll take in the sights, visit iconic locations, shop, dine and relax. Photography Instruction Available for All! It’s not unusual for half of the people on a Photo Tour to consider themselves non-photographers and that’s OK! Our photography instruction is available to all regardless of what they are taking pictures with and we often turn people into passionate photographers! 

The Best of Both Worlds

Photo Tours offer plenty of time for photography within a wonderful vacation experience. Spouses and partners will never be bored and the entire group will share activities, attractions and sights together. Every Level of Experience From passionate smartphone shooters to working professional photographers, everyone will love the places we visit. Learn about better composition and seeing light, color and shape - our goal is for you to return home with images you will want to share and cherish forever.

Singles Welcome Too!

We often have singles join us on our trips as the Photo Tour format provides photography, touring and sightseeing with a group of like-minded people. We’re a friendly bunch and are all out to have a great time.

Florence, Tuscany & the Italian Riviera • May 5-12, 2017

This tour offers three of Italy’s most inviting destinations including Florence, Tuscany and the Italian Riviera. We start in Florence and finish in Genoa and in-between visit the beautiful towns of San Gimignano, Siena and Cinque Terre. This is a photo paradise and it doesn’t matter if you bring a top-shelf camera system or your Smartphone - we want to help anyone interested capture great images. If you would like to extend your vacation we offer an optional wonderful two nights in Lake Como at the end of the Tour!

These locations are perfect for photographers and non-shooters alike. We’ll take time each day for the photographers in the group to focus (pun intended) on creating beautiful images to take home while everyone else may join us or take time to further explore and tour each location we visit. In addition to your two award-winning professional photographers, we also have an experienced pair in our driver and tour director to make everything run smoothly and to offer insights and help wherever we go - from shopping, to sightseeing to restaurants. We will offer some free time for exploring, but if you want to fill every minute, we will have optional excursions available for those interested in a cooking class with dinner one evening as well as a tour to several small country villages.

Emerald Isle Photo Tour • June 2-9, 2018

Since we always have so much fun on our Ireland Tours, we're getting a head start on 2018! Join us on this special private tour designed for those who love taking pictures and their partners who just want a wonderful vacation experience! We all had such a wonderful time last year that we couldn’t wait to get back and we’re excited to be able to offer this again to you. Unlike standard tours where you are headed from place to place and on a strict timetable, we have our own private coach and guide. That allows us the freedom and flexibility to adjust our travels to get the most out of every place we visit. those interested in photography will benefit from having two pros on board who will spend the week helping you improve your images so that you have amazing images to bring home with you. Those not interested in cameras will have plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping and exploring without having to wait around for their photographers!

Just $2895 pp, 8 days / 7 nights - Price includes, touring, lodging, breakfast each day and entrance to attractions. Registration will be live shortly - send us an email for more details!

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